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Sunday's on the Way

The demons were planning on having a party one night. They had beer, Jack Daniels, and pretzels. There was red wine, some white. They were celebrating how they crucified Christ on that tree. But Satan, the snake himself, wasn't so at ease. Well, he took his crooked finger, And he dialed the phone by his bed, To call an old faithful friend, to see if he was dead. "Hey grave, what's going on, did my plan fail? "Grave just laughed and said, "The dude's dead as nails." A tranquilizer and a horror flick, couldn't calm Satan's fears. So Saturday night, he calls up the grave, scared of what he'd hear. "Hey, grave, what's going on? "Grave said, "Man, you've done called me twice, And I'll tell you one-more time boss, the Jew's on ice."  Satan said," Man grave, you remember when, Ol' Lazarus, was in his grave. Everything was cool then four days later... BOOM, Ol' Lazarus, he was raised. Now, this Jesus, he is much more trouble Than anyone has ever been to me, And this man said he's only gonna be dead three." Sunday morning Satan woke with a jump, Ready to blow a fuse. He was shaking from the tips of his pointy ears, To the toes of his pointy shoes."Hey grave, is he alive? I don't wanna lose my neck!" Grave said, "Satan, you are a wreck. Cool your jets Big D, my sting is still intact. Jesus is dead forever, he ain't NEVER coming back! So mellow out man, just go drink up or shoot up, Just leave this old grave alone, And I'll catch you la... la...Oh no! Oh no! OH NO! OH NO! Somebody's messing with the stone!" Well, the stone was rolled away, And it bounced a time or two, And an angel stepped inside, And said, "I'm Gabriel, who are you? If you're wondering where the Lord is, At this very hour, I tell you he's ALIVE and WELL, With resurrection power!" 

Jesus is alive today and the tomb is still empty!!!!
This song was written and sung by an awesome man of God...Carman Domenic Licciardello
Walk in Victory by the resurrection power inside of each and everyone of you!! Get Ready, He IS Coming Back!!!
Happy Resurrection Day!!!!!!   
?? Trish ??

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