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Love Is Everything We Need!!!!!

I heard this song by Unspoken and it goes right along with what LoveGodLoveHisPeople is all about.
"Love Is Everything We Need"

It's easy to say what I think but it is harder to listen. It is easy to stand on the side line and avoid all the trenches, But how are we going to love our enemies when we can't even love our friends? We may not see eye to eye, but tell me can we all agree.....Love is everything we need!!!!??????? We build walls but we have been called to build bridges instead.The devil is crafty and we fall right into his traps. We might not be swinging our fists, but we talk behind somebody's back. How are we going to look like Jesus when we're only looking out for ourselves? Real love is giving our lives for somebody else! Love is everywhere "WE" wanna take it. Love is easier than 1 2 3. We don't have to overcomplicate it; We don't have to complicate it!!!! Because He first loved you! Because He first loved me!! Love is hope; Love is peace; God is Love; And That's all we need. Love Love Love Love, Love is everything we need!!!!!!!!! 

We've been talking about loving and caring about our brothers and sisters in Christ and our Church's Unity on our podcasts and this song is exactly on point. I would encourage you to listen to this song. It is so true. And listen to our podcast on Saturday, March 19th with a special guest speaker; Ms. Linda Gatto; who will be sharing about Unity in our Churches. Be there and be blessed!!!!!!!!
Sending Prayers and Love to all of you!!!!
?? Trish ??

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