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Made In Gods Image

We are all special human beings. We all have a brain and a heart. The brain can deceive you or it can enlighten you. The brain can give you what is true or it can imprison you in your own thoughts or choices you have made. We can make ourselves be whoever we want to be. Your heart is the guide for your brain; because the heart knows what is wrong or right without the brain. Your heart flutters when you get scared or when you fall in love or when something is wrong. This is called intuition or the Holy Spirit telling us this is not God and it is not good for us. Or it could also be telling us;This is of my Heavenly Father who gives us a warm heart!! God gave us our brain and our heart so we could learn and achieve for ourselves and be free from our own demise. We learn from our past, and if not; you will never step forward. Your heart will ache and yearn for something better for you, your family, your community, or your country. That is your choice. You choose for your brain  not to see but your heart knows. You have to know something is wrong? Can you feel it? Only YOU can do something about it. YES YOU!!!!!! You have the power of remembering...... YES, I HAVE BEEN MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD!! Let me clarify something......If we are made in the image of God then we all have the power to change or change the things around us. A simple smile can make a day for someone or maybe a simple word will help another person. Even a kind gesture can show someone how to be kind. An act of love will show someone how to love. 

Remember, yesterday is gone; tomorrow was never promised; and all we have is TODAY in the here and now!!! 
May God show you what your potential is and lead you and others to what God has given you.  He has given you LIFE and your FREEDOM. It is your choice on what you want. God has put it before you to choose. God sees the darkness in man's heart and He speaks the truth from His own mouth to every man's heart.  
God bless each and everyone of you. May His Favor and Love shine on you. I love each one of my brothers and sisters. 
Marsha, one of my daughters, shared this on her FB and I wanted to share with our LoveGodLoveHisPeople family. I hope you receive revelation on the fact that you are made in the image of God; what He has given you; and who you are in Him. 
Listen to our podcast this Saturday, October 30th, and learn about, "You Are Made In The Image Of God!"
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With a grateful heart.......
?? Trish ??

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