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Dependin on God

The story of David and Goliath was a real war, with real men defending their own country. David was just a boy, never skilled or trained in war, and Goliath really was a fearful giant. Step out of the familiarity and put yourself in David's shoes for a moment. Can you imagine how he must have felt when he spoke to his king about victory, only to have the king laugh in his face at his "youthful courage"? Picture yourself in a battle for the first time, your countrymen watching you as you're armed with a childhood toy. Hear the opposing troops chuckle as you pull out your slingshot and grab a stone from your pocket. Watch as some of your countrymen bow their heads in embarrassment as they see you ready your sling. The moment of truth is at hand. How sweaty David's palms must have been as he steadies the shot. There's no turning back now—this is all or nothing.

The story of David and Goliath is truly amazing! It's a remarkable display not only of God's faithfulness, but also of David's incredible dependence upon the Lord. David had absolutely nothing to rely on—not a weapon, not experience, nothing. The only thing he depended on was the ability, faithfulness and power of God. And that was enough! He killed the giant that day—not because of his strength or his plan, but because he was depending upon God to give him the victory.

Another classic biblical example of God using an ordinary person is found in the life of Noah. Never having built a boat before, Noah had absolutely zero qualifications to do so. But in Genesis 7:5, we find out why Noah was successful in the ark's construction: "And Noah did according to all that the LORD commanded him." Because Noah completely depended upon the Lord to show him what to do, the ark withstood 40 days of the greatest storm the world has ever known. The boat held up against all the beatings of the storm and finally came to rest, with all its animals safe and sound. 

From David to Noah, we see that the only qualification to be used by God is absolute dependence on Him. These men were simple, yielded vessels looking to God alone, never relying upon mere human strength, experience or skill. Because of that, God was able to display His greatness through their lives. 

Do you all remember the Lion King movie?? The part where Simba is messing with the hyenas?  And he's like "Meeoowww".... and they're like "seriously".....then Simba growls again... and they're like "you gotta be kidding".....Simba growls for the third time...and the hyena's are like .."nope, you're never going to take us down". "You're too weak; you're too small; you're too punie by yourself". Simba lets out his best roar......but it sounds like something big and great and it echoes off the mountains nearby and the hyena's go running off. Not because he was the roar but because his Daddy had come up behind him. Mufasa had let out a roar; a great roar; a roar of a Father. Depend on and trust your Heavenly Father because He is behind you and lives in you; Go, and walk in victory. 

Listen to our podcast this Saturday, September 18, 2021. "Can you Depend On God"? By Lonnie. Hope you'll tune in and listen and will have your socks blessed off... 



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