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Yesterday, January 31, 2021; I heard a phrase that I had heard often from our Pastor, but that day it pierced my heart and  invaded my Spirit and mind. I would like to share in this blog my thoughts about this quote and maybe it will become alive to you as it did in me.

The quote is:
"A bell is not a bell till you ring it. A song is not a song till you sing it. Love in your heart isn't put there to stay, Love isn't love till you give it away." Oscar Hammerstein II
These words are unbelievably powerful. I believe these words were saying to me, as a Christian, I have potential inside of me, but I have to step out in faith, and with the potential God placed inside of me to show action to other people in my life and the ones He puts on my road on my life's journey. A bell has the potential to ring, but it is just a lump of metal until you ring it. Someone created and molded that bell; just like God created and molded us; but without action we will never be used to the fullness of our potential, just like that bell. A song is just notes and words on paper; but it manifests itself fully when the song is sung. Love has and is the same potential. It is there in your heart and becomes real and manifests when you reach full potential; turn it into action and give it away. 
The concept of action applies to many parts of our lives. Ideas without action never happen; they stay just thoughts.  Where would we be if we never took action on our thoughts????? Stuck in a rut!!! Not living up to our potential inside of us. God gives us thoughts everyday. How many opportunities have we missed because we did not step out in faith and with the potential of being obedient in action to the thoughts He had given us.  By choosing to do nothing, we have thrown that opportunity away. We need to take advantage of every opportunity; someone's life or eternal life may depend on it. 
I like to plan and think things through and I think that can and is a good thing. And in doing that I just made a bell. NOW WHAT????? I HAVE to ring it....... Right?? How do you go from potential to action? First thing; take a small first step as soon as you have decided to act; stepping out in faith and obedience to do what the Holy Spirit is guiding you into. By taking that first small step into the opportunity God has given you; you move forward ringing that bell, singing that song, and giving out God's abundant love to all people fulfilling that opportunity to tell them about Jesus, pray for them, or just be someone's smile for the day. So go out into the world; find a potential bell and ring it, find a potential song and sing it, and go with the potential love God has put inside of you and love all people for the kingdom of God. Use potential  inside of you and turn it into action.

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