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What Type Follower Are You???

By thinking out loud, I often wondered how many of us so- called saved people see someone who we know that needs help and actually take the time to offer help, not only that; but, even take the time to speak to them.  In fact, how would you even know if they are followers of Christ or not if you never talk to them? The greatest commandment of them all, is love.  So, if we don't speak to them, are we showing love? No, not in any shape, form or fashion, period!!  


These are the things that we must self- correct and certainly fix this problem if we are to reach souls for God.  I do know that some of us are intimidated or fearful to simply open up and speak about His greatness.  However, I would like to remind you what the Bible says in Matthew 10:33, which states that, "Whosoever denies me before men, that I will also deny you before my Father".  


After reading powerful words such as this, it should light a fire up under you.  Also, the fear you have about speaking to others should start to become just a little bit easier.  Even if it's still hard, the more you do this; the easier it will begin to be.  As you begin to grow you will begin to start to take pride in standing up, and speaking about our Father in Heaven.

Author, James, loveGodlovehispeople, An encourager.

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